Devil Fish Found in Gulf of Mexico

Devil Fish Found in Gulf of Mexico

This is a new addition to the Ceratioid family. This little fish was found by researchers at Florida’s Nova Southeastern University on an expedition to the deep waters in the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico. And when we say little, of the three specimens they found, they range from one to four inches in length.

This is one fish which I do not want to see at the end of my pole. This is something from nightmares come to existence.

This one has the tell-tale “fishing pole” apparatus attached to the head, and bio-luminescent properties which entices other fish to come close to the light and become the angler’s dinner. They are found in the darkest parts of the ocean, where no light penetrates. The fishes themselves give off their own light, generated by a chemical reaction. This particular species was found between 3,281 and 4,921 feet blow the surface.

Dr. Tracey Sutton of NSU’s  Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography made the discovery. His studies include how oil spills effect deep sea life, including the spill from the Deep Water Horizon well that happened in the Gulf back in 2010. The impact on marine life is still being studied to this day. Aside from food contamination issues, there has been documented cases of fish, crabs, and shrimp developing mutations not only from the massive amounts of oil that leaked into the ocean, but the chemicals and other compounds used in clean up efforts.

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