Differences Between BMW And Mercedes Benz

BMW And Mercedes Benz

The rivalry between BMW and Mercedes Benz is eternal, and magnificently pitched in every aspect one would conceive. From tongue in cheek advertisements about each other to the fight to pull one better in sales and technology, the struggle between the two most iconic automobile manufacturers is a treat for all of us.

But one of the most frequent, and probably difficult to answer question is actually a comparison between the two. Which one is better, BMW or Mercedes, as a brand and as an automobile manufacturer?

Driving Experience:

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According to a Quora user, Tobias Leiminger, who is also a BMW driver, the Bavarian car is usually considered a better driving machine. The cars are lighter than MB and thus turn the corners better. Their sporting versions also have the best manual shifters, which is usually matched by MB by placing big engines in their models making them aggressive and unpredictable. BMW has another advantage over Mercedes; due to smaller engines and lower weights, they generally are more fuel efficient.


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BMW and Mercedes take two different directions when it comes to the interior, it’s quite clearly Ergonomics vs. Luxury.

Mercedes models are known for their luxurious interiors, cocooned in leather and complimented with chrome and wood. In comparison, BMWs go towards ergonomics. If you view 3-series for example, everything is centralized on a console including the radio and its buttons and other controls that make the experience easier for the driver.


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As far as pricing is concerned, Mercedes are usually a bit more expensive, with minor exceptions for some models.


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