Do You Need To Upgrade Your Old iPhone?

It is October time again and the big event was only just around the corner! No, not Halloween. The newest iPhone was released to the general public once again. We have become a custom to seeing ques of people spanning the length of the shopping center all to get their hands on the brand new iPhone but is it really worth it?

You have spent a very large amount on your phone only 12 months ago, can the new edition really be worth all of the hype surrounding it? What is so different about the new model compared to its predecessor? Will you as an everyday user even benefit from the changes? These are all real and very genuine questions that are asked every single year. In this article, we will describe our own experience moving through the models over the years and whether

iPhone XR

Is Upgrading Your Phone every Year Cost Effective?

The days of cheap contracts on the new iPhone models for loyal customers are long gone. This leaves the only cost-effective way of upgrading your phone which is to sell your current model and use the money to pay off a portion of the contract fee. The phone is still only a year old so it will still hold a fairly decent market value and will usually cover most of the upfront fees. But is this more cost-effective than keeping your current model for several years and running it into the ground before deciding to start a new contract?

The question is a very good one and is interesting to investigate however the technology nerds amongst will understand that whether it costs more in the long run or not the desire for the latest addition takes all logical sense out of the window.

iPhone Xs vs X

So What Is the Actual Difference Between an iPhone X and the iPhone XS

When comparing the iPhone X with its new counterpart the iPhone XS, in appearance they are very similar. The obvious difference is the increase in screen size which has been a trend in recent years. As more games and media is watched and played on smartphones the size of the screen displaying them has become even more crucial for the user. The big jump from a 5.8-inch screen to a 6.5-inch screen doesn’t sound big in terms of numbers but in reality, makes a huge difference

The new iPhone also boasts an improved processor speed which means loading websites, apps and media should be noticeably quicker. We loaded some free online slot machines websites on both models and didn’t really notice a difference in loading times. If you were to time it to the millisecond then we are sure that the newer phone would be a fraction quicker however in everyday use this is not something that would make a world of difference to the user’s experience.

The next big improvement boosted by Apple is the camera upgrades. Users have become a custom to using their smartphones to capture cherished moments rather than lugging around a hefty camera everywhere they go. With this popularity comes the demand for a high-quality camera built into their devices. The inclusion of a dual rear camera and added photo modes and filters allows professional photographers amongst us to capture every moment in a stunning high definition.

iPhone 9

Will You Benefit from the Yearly Upgrade?

Technically an improved processor, camera, screen size and added features mean that you will have a better device however we do not feel that these additions to the previous device warrants spending another $1000 plus. The improvement from the new phone to its predecessor isn’t drastic enough and it feels as if the developer is holding back features that could be added just to be able to add it to a later addition that their loyal customers will buy again.

If you are a technology nerd just like us or you have unlimited money then you will completely ignore this article and buy it regardless. But for most people, we would advise that you at least wait 2 years in between each upgrade so you fully benefit.



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