Wedding Ceremonies in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Wedding

Dominican Wedding: Price and Characteristics of Symbolic and Official Wedding Ceremonies in the Dominican Republic

Every day, more and more couples want to celebrate their wedding ceremony somewhere abroad. The Dominican Republic featuring a perfect climate and picturesque white-sand beaches is an ideal destination for a wedding ceremony! That is why instead of big celebrations in their native country, many couples prefer spending this unforgettable day in a private idyllic place, surrounded by the nearest and dearest people.

Have you always been dreaming of a romantic wedding? Welcome to the Dominican Republic!

Official and symbolic wedding ceremony

As it was mentioned before, some couples disregard standards and choose to celebrate an official wedding abroad. To have an official wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic, it is necessary for you to prepare all the necessary documents in your country of residence. As for other steps, it is better to let a wedding agency handle everything. An official wedding ceremony can be celebrated only by a Dominican judge speaking Spanish: don’t worry – there will be an interpreter on the ceremony. The wedding officially celebrated in the Dominican Republic is valid in the United States, Canada and most European countries: you will only need to present a legalized Dominican marriage certificate in the Civil Register Office to make your marriage valid in your country of residence.

Your wedding can be symbolic or official. Anyway, you can be sure that it will be unforgettable!

A symbolic wedding ceremony is celebrated according to the same program as the official one; however, it is not officially registered. Besides, the symbolic ceremony can be conducted in your native language. The symbolic wedding is an ideal option for the newlyweds, romantic couples or those who have been together for a long time and just want to diversify their routine relationships with unforgettable moments and show their feelings to each other as if it was the first day when they fell in love. This wedding is also for those couples who go on a honeymoon or on vacation to the Dominican Republic and would like to bring home bright photos of their wedding ceremony as a memento.

Preparation for the wedding ceremony

The first thing to do is to find a wedding agency: there is a large choice of them here – for any tastes. The agencies will offer you one of their photographers who will accompany you all day long and take photos of each moment of this important day.

Note! Many large agencies celebrate several wedding per day in the same place and with the same wedding arch, creating a so-called wedding conveyor. In such case, your time for a wedding celebration will be very limited! Small private agencies, on the contrary, dedicate the whole day only to your wedding, considering and planning every detail.

Equally important is a choice of a wedding arch, under which you will make wedding vows. Take your time to choose its color, form, decoration with fresh or artificial flowers, seashells or stars, Hawaiian or some other style. On this stage of your wedding planning, you can freely use your imagination. The choice is so big and varied that your head will be spinning when considering all available options.

Moreover, as for choosing a wedding location, you will also be amused by a great variety. You can opt for a white-sand beach on an island bathed by turquoise seawater, a high-speed yacht, a rocky ocean shore with enormous waves, or a hill with a view over the Caribbean Sea. If you decide to save a bit of money, celebrate your wedding on a hotel beach with many curious observers who will appear on your wedding photos, share your happiness and congratulate you on this unforgettable event!

When getting ready for your wedding, you will discover new things to consider every day: location, food, transportation…

The list is almost infinite: you should think about every detail – from transportation to the color of a bridegroom’s boutonniere.

How about a wedding on the helicopter? Here it is possible!

By the way, as for the transportation, you can choose almost any means of transportation: Mustang, helicopter, and even a white horse (why not if your bride has always been dreaming of a prince on a white horse?) It all depends on your preferences and possibilities.

Wedding Cost in the Dominican Republic

The cost of a wedding in the Dominican Republic is quite reasonable and amounts on average to about US$1500, depending on the chosen wedding package. Obviously, the more services you order, the higher is the price. Mind that some agencies include such services as a photographer, make-up, bouquet, hammock and others to their wedding package, while other agencies charge additional fees for each type of service.

Anyway, no matter what type of wedding you choose, the Dominican nature has prepared a gift for you – paradise on earth with its unusual exotic surroundings: coral reefs, tropical vegetation, and incredibly white sand. The Dominican nature creates a romantic holiday mood, inspiring only good memories. Who knows, may be in about ten years, you will decide to return to this country and celebrate your wedding once again to relive your feelings.


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