Drink Wine and Stay Sane: India’s Best Wine Trails

In India, very recently, wine and its epicureans have mushroomed rapidly. This has significantly cleared a path for wine tourism in the nation. Various Indian vineyards now have tasting rooms, so that wine darlings can completely entertain themselves with valuing the best of India’s wine locale. Besides, one can really have a superior affair by staying at these vineyards, for they have better than average hotel facilities for eager lovers. So in case, you too swear by the “beverage of divine beings”, then you certainly need to take a wine tour. 

Here is a rundown of India’s finest wine trails that are drawing in enthusiasts from everywhere throughout the world. Likewise, with the Sula Fest and other comparable wine celebrations continuously getting to be standard, the wine scene in India is clearly going to be astounding in the coming years. Till then, take a wine tour and enjoy the tasteful wine sampling session.

India’s Best Wine Trails


The Chateau Indage Winery in Narayangaon is at a distance of a drive of 2 hours from Pune. The streets prompting this lovely vineyard are long, winding and smooth, with greenery on both sides. This winery has some aptitude in offering champagne and you can get bottles here at a mere cost. Also, you can buy organic grapes from here. You can also walk around the endless territory of sugarcane and maize fields, and dig into an astonishing dinner while tasting in your most loved wine at the bistro in the winery. So while you are searching for the Cochin to Pune flight, additionally make a virtual voyage through this winery to to have a better experience in reality.

India’s Best Wine Trails

Grover Vineyards

The great atmosphere and the immeasurable region of natural excellence all around, the Grover vineyards are engaging the unrestrained wine visits in India. At the Grover Vineyard, you can even setup a modified wine visit, by reaching the authorities of the vineyards ahead of time. Visitors are allowed to take their own particular vehicles into the winery, and after a brief understanding on the wine-making process, the visit begins. Visitors can particularly contribute some time solely from any other person and take photographs. Here, you can get a regulated information about the development, beating, filtering, bundling, and packaging system undertaken by the winery for each batch.

India’s Best Wine Trails

Sula Vineyards 

Sula Vineyards, situated on the outskirts of Nashik, is India’s most renowned winery. The winery is steadily respecting the guests who are truly inspired by wine and have some tid-bit learning of the same. One can treasure a visit, tasting session, nourishment, and entertainments while trailing through this winery. Additionally, the colossally prominent SulaFest that is held each year in the month of February, is a claim to fame of these vineyards. So on the off chance that you are in India, or are wanting to visit in around the month of February, then you certainly can’t bear to miss this epic celebration. Just for the love of wine!

India’s Best Wine Trails

Fratelli Wines 

The Fratelli vineyard creates some amazing store wines on its 240 acres of estate home. Here, a whole day package would cost INR 1,500 for every person, including visits and tastings. It is recommended that you stay no less than one night in the winery’s rich convenience hotel, as it is hard to reach. A weekend package costs INR 11,000 for a couple. One can even lease the whole vineyard if coming with an extensive gathering of dear ones.

If you that a tasteful bottle of wine can only be acquired from an upmarket wine shop, and is best enjoyed in the solace of your home, or with your favourite pals, then you unquestionably require a rude awakening! The world is going gaga over these elegant wine tours, and you too need to take one soon. As is commonly said, “Just for the love of wine!”


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