EA does the right thing with SimCity

Maxis and publisher EA launched a refresh version of  SimCity a year ago, one of the iconic games of the 1990s that was a cherished staple of early computer gaming. However, like a lot of things EA touches, the new SimCity was a disaster from day one. EA touched alot of online and big game franchises and quite frankly ruin them all and in the end shut the down the games.

Well now Maxis and EA are finally about to make things sort-of right for SimCity players. Maxis sent out a message on its Twitter account this week saying that its latest update that will allow for offline play is in “final testing” and is “almost there.” While this is welcome news for many SimCity players, it also comes a year too late and will likely do little to revive the game’s fortunes in the eyes of potential customers. Better late than never, as they say.

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