Edible Chocolate LEGOs Exist

If you’ve ever been told you weren’t allowed to have dessert until you cleaned up your toys, well, you can now clean up your toys by having dessert. You can eat your toys. Eating your toys will clean up your mess. Your toys are the dessert. That’ll show ’em, right?


All you’ll need are some chocolate LEGOs. Designer Akihiro Mizuuchi crafted a precise mould to produce these edible building blocks, which appear to be made from dark, milk and white chocolate.

Edible Chocolate LEGOs Exist

It seems Mizuuchi had no trouble assembling a couple sweet designs from the cocoa, but it’s unclear if he used something like tweezers (or frozen gloves?) for support. In any case, we’d be psyched to try to make a masterpiece, and devour the finished product.

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