Erupting Volcano In This Video Will Make You Jump

Newly released footage of a volcano as it erupted in Papua New Guinea captures a plume of smoke bursting, a sonic boom and a man, amazed by it all, exclaiming “Holy Smoking Tolitos!”

Mount Tavurvur erupted on Aug. 29, but the roughly one-minute YouTube video of the blast taken by a man named Phil McNamara wasn’t released until Friday.

The video, taken from a boat on the water, is steady as the vessel moves, humming along. Then black smoke explodes out of the volcano and a man can be heard saying “Watch out for the shock, it’s coming.”

A loud boom follows and the camera shakes. “Holy shit,” says an onlooker off screen. More smoke pipes out of the vent and it looks like bombs are bursting inside.

The eruption at Mount Tavurvur, which is part of the larger Rabaul caldera, rerouted flights and prompted an evacuation of the town of Rabaul, which had been rebuilt after it was decimated by a 1994 eruption.


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