Every iPhone Compared in This New Video


The first ever iPhone was released back in 2007, since then Apple has released a total of 21 iPhones in the last 11 years.

Now we have a fabulous video from EverythingApplePro that features every iPhone that Apple has released and examines them side by side.

It is exciting to see how much the iPhone has changed since 2008, what is also impressive is the amount of RAM that Apple uses in their iPhones. They started out with 128MB of RAM and now the top model comes with 4GB of RAM.

When you compare this to may of the flagships on the market they come with between 8 and 12GB, although Apple still manages to perform well in a range of speed tests and benchmarks even though they use much less RAM.

Three new handsets are rumored to come out sometime in September along with iOS 13.

Source & Image Credit: EverythingApplePro


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