Ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers John Frusciante’s new album is streaming from outer space

After being launched into space on a 1200-pound rocket last Friday, a satellite set up by ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante is now orbiting the earth and streaming his new solo album back onto land — or so Frusciante would have us believe. To promote his new album Enclosure, Frusciante has released an iPhone and Android app that allows you to track the location of his supposed satellite above the earth. When it passes over you, the app will unlock a stream of the album, which it suggests is coming straight from the satellite.

Presumably, the source is actually a bit more terrestrial. While it appears that Enclosure was in fact launched from a rocket, the rocket returned safely to the ground and was never actually meant to head up into space. But even if there’s no satellite, Frusciante has certainly chosen one of the more inventive ways we’ve seen to promote an album, and at a time when there’s some big competition to stand out. For those interested in listening to Enclosure, the stream appears to go active every half-day or so, and it’ll continue to do so through April 7th, after which the album will be released.

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