Fast X: Jason Momoa’s Villain Appeared Against Dom Toretto In Super-Sized Trailer

Fast X

Here’s another ridiculous Fast movie trailer. As if the insane soap operatics, gravity and logic-defying stunts, bad-guys-gone-good tropes, thrillingly outlandish action, and ever-changing names formats weren’t adequate, you can now count on one more thing: the first trailer for each movie is going to be a mini-movie in its own right. The Fast X trailer has just been released, revealing our first proper look at the much-anticipated tenth chapter in the series – and it’s four minutes long. A regular-length trailer simply cannot contain the majesty of full-on Fast madness.

Not only is the Fast X trailer here, but it’s got everything: great balls of actual fire; Jason Momoa’s new villain Dante saying, “Boom!”; a ludicrous bit of revisionary Fast history; problems that can only be solved by racing in multicolored cars; an insane rivalry between Letty and Cipher, Rita Moreno as Dom’s abuela; fresh peeks of Brie Larson’s incoming Tess; and two helicopters taking a high-spirited tumble after tangling with Dom’s Dodge Charger. Fast X will rev into UK cinemas on 19 May.

Watch the ridiculously charged trailer below:

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