Female Tourist Ignores Safety Signs And Gets Blown To Her Death By Jet Engine Blast

Death By Jet Engine Blast

Besides the yellow beaches and lanky trees, the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten is also very famous for its Princess Juliana International Airport that allows people to watch commercial airlines kissing the sea on their super low takeoffs and landings. But as exciting as it sounds, it is also very dangerous for the onlookers since they can be blown away by the jet engine’s air blast.

Despite the abundance of warning signs around the area instigating and pleading people not to get too close to the grill, it happened again! A 57-year-old woman from New Zealand was careless enough to ignore all the warnings as she went too close to a fence to watch a Boeing 737 take off directly above her. Unfortunately, she was blown back by the sheer air pressure of the engines, striking her head on the concrete and leading to her sad demise shortly after, as the New Zealand Herald reports.

This video of another tourist gives an insight on what would have transpired in the latest incident. This woman, however, was very lucky to have survived the hit with only minor injuries.


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