Firefighters Demonstrate How To Dismantle The Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla started solar roofs in 2016 during a grand campaign through a TV series called Desperate Housewives. Musk himself appeared on the show to showcase the advanced tiles and announced that orders would open in May 2017. However, since then no noise was made about the roof components. This comes as a surprise since the tiles have various advantages.

The tiles are available in a range of attractive textures and designs. Solar Roof tiles are also customizable to the amount of electricity a roof produces and integrated with off-grid reliability. They also come with a nearly infinite warranty. Recently, a new security video has also appeared which shows more qualities of the tiles. The video features an emergency response on a Tesla equipped solar rooftop.

In the video below, firefighters can be seen stripping a roof which has Tesla Solar Roof tiles installed, to create ventilation and clear a path to walk through. The video was hosted by former assistant fire chief for the Hopland fire district Brock Archer. Archer’s firm for training rescue experts has worked on other Tesla products as well. The Solar rooftop video is backed by Tesla and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

To dismantle the roof safely, instructions information was given by Tesla and also received through hands-on research as well. The security demonstration shows that the electricity-wired construction is relatively easy to dismantle safely. Since the system is not grounded, the responders need to make sure that they touch only one cut wire at a time to guarantee their safety. Archer said that there is “almost zero risks of shock or electrocution” while cutting either the tiles or diode trunk harness. The demo has arrived at a time when Tesla is preparing to increase its solar-related product delivery. Tesla chief technology officer JB Straubel said, “No one should see us as stepping back from solar. In fact, it’s the opposite. People have come flooding in and are waiting for the product. So now we’re aggressively ramping our capacity.”

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