Are We The First Civilization in the Universe?


If you spent your whole life never meeting another human being, you could be forgiven for thinking you were the only one to exist. Likewise, since mankind has never encountered any extraterrestrial forms of life, we have often come to the conclusion that we are in fact the only living things in the entire universe.To discern whether we are the first civilization in the universe we must first explore how the universe and life came to form in the first place.

Our solar system formed when a fragment of molecular cloud mostly comprised of hydrogen started to collapse 4.6 billion years ago. Our Sun is known as a second generation star. The cloud from which our star was formed was created by a first generation star exploding.Remember Abraham Loeb? He was the guy from Harvard who thinks that life will be more abundant in ten trillion years time. Well, guess what. He also believes there’s a chance life could have formed way before our Earth came along.


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