First Robot Cop is Deployed In Dubai

Robot Cop is Deployed In Dubai

Technology is developing at a fast pace and the progress is being scattered throughout the world. Health tech is improving in many parts of the world, and many are moving towards luxury technologies. Dubai is the city for innovation tech and city is taking the lead in introducing the most futuristic of technologies whether it is rotating skyscrapers or passenger drones. The city is world famous for a police that drives around Lamborghinis and the most expensive and exotic sports cars and now they added a Robocop to its force starting this week.

PAL Robotics, A Spanish company introduced a customizable life-sized humanoid robot REEM back in 2011. The wheel-based robot is meant to provide high-tech interactive information at public places like airports, museums, and hospitals.

PAL Robotics worked with the Dubai Police to customize REEM to its needs. The head of the police robot project, Brigadier Khalid Nasser Alrazooqi has announced that the Robocop will first be used at tourist attractions and shopping centers and later at police stations as receptionists. The new robot system will allow citizens to pay fines, report crimes, and any other basic interactions that you need with the police.

Brigadier Abdullah Bin Sultan, the director of Future Shaping Centre of Dubai Police, has said, “We are looking to have more robots in future to handle policing. By 2030, we are keen to make robots around 25 percent of the total police force.”

This version of REEM is capable of working more as an information desk than an actual cop, but Dubai Police requires that the first prototype of the mobile police robot will be revealed by 2020, and by 2030, the robot force will be able to handle an entire police station on its own.



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