Forget Dubai, for Mumbai’s Got Some Shocking Skyscrapers. High Alert!

For a city lodging an umpteen number of skyscraper and mid-ascent structures, the expression “high rise” is maybe a smidgen excessively abused. After all, Mumbai has, shockingly, more than two thousand private high rises inside of its outskirts – a deed that has not been copied by whatever other Indian city till now. So before you look forward to the UAE’s uber chic cities, take a stroll inside of the City of Dreams, Mumbai. For sure, you must not be knowing of these towering eccentricities here.

Before you set your eyes on the glistening, uber chic city of Dubai; before you dream of the towering buildings of the Land of the Sheikhs, and before you hurry up to enquire about the Mumbai to Dubai Indigo flight fare, buddy, take a tour around aamchi Mumbai. The city not only has aspirants with towering dreams, but also hosts of some magnificent skyscrapers that are worth noticing. Here are the prominent ones:

Lodha Bellisimo

  1. Lodha Bellisimo


An eager undertaking of the Mumbai based Lodha Group, the Lodha Bellissimo is the second tallest private working in the nation. It was in mid 2005 that the Lodha Group thought of the arrangement of offering ascend to this high rise; development arrangements were readied immediately and the undertaking was kick begun with much display soon thereafter. The building is as of now in the last periods of being made sufficiently fit for private residential purposes.

The Imperial

  1. The Imperial


Situated at a standout amongst the most pleasant spots in the nation – on the Tardeo seafront in South Mumbai, The Imperial is evaluated among the tallest private high rise buildings in India. Viewed as a cherry on top of the bunch captivating works of praised planner Hafeez Contractor, The Imperial is thought to be a model result of the ghetto land redevelopment extends that were attempted couple of years back, the whole way across the city. The building stands affirmation to Mumbai’s fruitful beginning of the battle of furnishing ghetto inhabitants with free or sponsored area and restoration, in return for their property rights over a specific region.


  1. Antilla


In the event that you are discussing high rises that are tall, as well as costly, Mukesh Ambani’s Antilla without a doubt positions high among them. Forbes Magazine has evaluated the working as the most costly bit of private property that in the blink of an eye exists in this world. Leighton Holdings from Australia and Perkins and Will from Chicago were depended with the assignment of planning and along these lines building this eager task of the Reliance Industries Limited administrator. The support staff in Antilla is said to have a quality in overabundance of 600!

Kohinoor Square

  1. Kohinoor Square


Situated on the real estate parcel already under the responsibility for Mills in Shivaji Park, at the crossing point of Gokhale Road and L J Road, Kohinoor Square is a standout amongst the latest quills to have decorated Mumbai’s famous top of high rises. The building is not by any stretch of the imagination private, for a some portion of it is being utilized for business purposes. As of late, Kohinoor Square was granted a gold rating by the Central Government for its model ecological manageability strategies, making it the principal high rise in the nation to win a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design tag.


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