Four Things to do to Control Bad Technology Behavior


Late-night online surfing is a common habit that affects a lot of things like sleep, productivity, among others. Instead of students scouring the custom dissertation writing for tips in writing essays, they can decide to surf and play until the dead of the night. Most late-night surfers get themselves scrolling through different accounts or even playing games, convincing themselves that they are not sleepy yet. With time, the habit is hard to break. The technology works both ways. It can create new habits that are good and also it can worsen bad ones. Technology has affected a lot of daily and vital activities. Here are the top three.

  • Eating

Most people make the wrong choices when it comes to food due to stress, getting overwhelmed with work, responding to emails, and calls during lunch breaks. Study research showed that many people make choices using their emotional brains. When the brain gets overwhelmed with a lot of information, the rational part of the brain gets overshadowed by the emotional side. It can lead to poor eating habits like choosing unhealthy foods like the chocolate cake over some fruit salad. In the same way, excessive use of technology platforms affects our brain judgment.

  • Sleeping

It is advisable to hold important meetings during the morning hours when the brain is fresh, and you are more productive. However, sleeping late at night affects your productivity. Staring at your gadget late at night suppresses the emission of melatonin due to the blue light. Melatonin signals your brain to sleep. Blue light is also associated with depression, according to research. Online surfing at night reduces your chances of falling asleep.

  • Exercising

Physical exercise is beneficial to our bodies in many ways. Many medical practitioners advise people to make it part of their routine. However, it’s not easy as many people consider exercising a lot of work. Many prefer to bury their heads on social media platforms instead.

It is difficult to break bad habits because the triggers involved are deeply rooted. The only way out is by picking up new routines that counter the bad ones. A lot of patience and self-discipline are however needed. Feeding your brain the right content, like trusting that good habits are more rewarding than bad ones, is a brilliant start. The level of technology consumption determines how stuffed our day is, the more we consume, the more stuffed it is. It becomes a vicious cycle that is hard to break and leaves us wanting more each time. Boredom is another trigger that pushes people to their gadgets and procrastination of activities. To break the vicious cycle, one needs consistency and training ourselves to embrace and acknowledge feeling bad. Here are the four tips that assist you in getting out of bad habits.

–       Expect Triggers

  • Use an alarm timepiece and leave the phone in a different room.
  • Only store healthy food and no junk food at home.
  • Carry an iPod in place of the phone while exercising.

–       Acknowledge


  • Disable all notifications on your gadget.
  • Do a 5-minutes mediation as you get ready for bed.
  • Leave your gadget at home while visiting the gym.

–       Try out New Rewards

  • Listen to soft, soothing music instead of going online while in bed.
  • Dehydration is sometimes mistaken for hunger; hence it is good to try a goblet of water before snacking.
  • Have a mantra that gives you that extra push and reminds you of your goals.

–       Pledge to Rewire

  • Take time to understand your weaknesses and bad habits.
  • Keep a software record or a journal of how you spend your time, be patient as you discover more about yourself, and strive to make effective and lasting changes.
  • Do not inflict guilt on yourself because of small drawbacks like falling back into bad habits once in a while. Treat yourself with kindness and be patient. Self-infliction of guilt can cause stress and ultimately lead to depression.


Many people suffer from bad technology habits, and they do not realize it until it is too late. Getting unhooked from bad habits takes a lot of willpower and a lot of patience with yourself. It is only possible when a person accepts that they have a problem. Just like going to rehab, bad technology habits may take time to rectify.

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