Fungus Inspired Architecture

This building is known as Hy-Fi and has been designed by architect David Benjamin.So the designer decided to transform a New York landmark by coming up with a unique idea of building a huge tower, which will be made out of fungus. How that will be achieved is the trick over here. So the idea is to use blocks to construct this tower made of corn and fungus, which will supposedly breed and join together to form a structure.

The bricks shall be made of corn husks and mycelium. For those of our readers who don’t know, mycelium is the vegetative part of fungus.  The idea is to let them breed in moulds, which are shaped like blocks and consequently the roots will join together, just like knitting, to retain their shape. After these bricks have been incorporated into the ‘eco-friendly’ structure, these bricks made of fungus will keep on growing and will knit together in order to enhance the strength of the whole building.

Now to answer the question of how sunlight will be made available to the blocks that are supposed to grow even after becoming a part of the structure; reflective bricks! Yup, these peculiar bricks will be used in order to provide lights down to the organic blocks. This building will be located at the Museum of Modern Art PS1. The basic idea over here is to come up with a structure that has zero waste generation and will provide visitors with seating space and shade while the gallery shall be the host to music concerts in summer.

A curator in MoMA’s Department of Architecture and Design said; ‘This material could really change the way people build. ‘It reinvents the most basic component of architecture – the brick – as both a material of the future and a classic trigger for open-ended design possibilities.’ Mr. Benjamin had to say this regarding the structure; ‘We love the idea of testing new ideas by putting them out into the world so this is a huge opportunity for us.’

This is some mind boggling architecture work and needed a vision which is out of the box and ahead of the game.

Building will open in June.

Fungus Inspired Architecture Fungus Inspired Architecture

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