Future Of Shopping Malls Is In China

Future Of Shopping Malls Is In China

Welcome to the future designs for a showroom exhibition center in China’s capital city, Beijing are unveiled before the public by Latitude Studios based in Beijing and Barcelona.

Under the management of Lihui Sim, the team consisted of Amos Hu, Frank Zhan, Jorge Cortes de Castro, Leo Li, Liu Bo, Lu Xiao, Phyo Yanadar Oo, Yiye Lin. The design covers an area of 1,000 square meters and has won the first place in Daxing Shopping Mall Showroom. The architect for this project is Manuel Zornoza.

What makes this design great are the passageways for the circulation and interaction of visitors with the spaces centered on the shopping mall of the future.



The showroom is in fact a journey for the visitor through an exhibition space that includes an auditorium, model spaces and glimpses into an area which is possibly planned for exhibiting phenomenal retail development, the central atrium and the main attraction, i.e. thematic sightseeing walk.

The journey through the Daxing Shopping Mall Showroom starts off with the reception of the guest, from where they are taken through an auditorium followed by the mall display areas with 1:1 scale mock-ups, the resting unit and ends at an in-depth outlook of the future shopping mall building as viewed from the highest terrace. On the first floor, you find meeting rooms, offices and an atrium surrounded by a retail portico, serving as an elucidation of the common areas of the future shopping mall. Within this atrium, is a spiral staircase which goes up the building led by a thematic sightseeing tour.

The second floor has a grand auditorium, which is accompanied by a dark room containing a physical prototype of the future shopping mall. The terrace here functions as a mock-up of the future landscape area and main front entrance to the mall, referred to as the sunken plaza. A double-height retail portico mock-up facing the triple-height atrium stands before the staircase that takes the visitor up to the third floor.

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