‘Game of Thrones’ Fans Found Proof That Jon Snow Helped Arya Kill the Night King

Jon Snow

Jon Snow tried his hardest, but this forever-confused bae basically spent his time being bad at riding dragons, being terrible at sneaking up on the Night King, and hiding behind a rock while an angry undead dragon tried to kill him. It wasn’t great! And one of the more amusing scenes from the episode involved Jon standing up and screaming at the ice dragon-moments away from death. In fact, Jon would have died if Arya hadn’t stabbed the Night King moments later, causing the ice dragon to explode.

The scene was pretty heavily meme’d due to the assumption that Jon presumably thought he ended the Battle of Winterfell by screaming at a dragon. Which, buddy. No. HOW-EV-ER, an eagle-eyed Game of Thrones fan rewatched the scene with headphones and realized that Jon isn’t actually screaming at the dragon. He’s screaming “GOOO, GOOOO, GOOOOO”-presumably at his little sister, who passed him on the way to killing the Night King. To quote u/Applesoapp:

“Jon screamed at the undead dragon to distract it so Arya can run past and kill the Night King. The undead dragon was protecting the entrance to the Godswood. Watch it again, you can actually hear him scream ‘GOOOOO – GO – GO.’ Ten seconds later…you can see the hair of a White Walker flying up when Arya sprints past the group of White Walkers. Jon once again was ready to sacrifice himself to kill the Night King.”

Okay, so if you watch the scene above, you can see Jon definitely notice something (Arya!) at around 00:28. And at around 01:30, you can hear Jon start screaming-and it certainly sounds like “go.” To which I say: !!!!!

I don’t know about you, but I feel emotional knowing Jon was sacrificing himself to give Arya a chance. And also relieved he didn’t just start screaming at a dragon for literally no reason.


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