Game of Thrones Season 8 Prediction: Theon Greyjoy To Die Protecting Bran Stark?

Theon Greyjoy

Game of Thrones season 8 is started and the final season will come with a lot of twists and turns one thing is for sure many of the Game of Thrones characters will not see the end of the war.

In the second episode we have seen the Night King’s army advances toward Winterfell, so too does certain death for many of the characters we loved and hated since the show began in 2011.

The fans of the HBO hit show will have to wait until Sunday for the third upcoming episode of its eighth and final season, The name of the episode is “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” – for ideas as to which characters might die during the greatest battle in television history and I think in the history of movies as well, so we are advancing towards the biggest battle of all times and it will be epic!

Wistfully, it looks like there’s one very viable nominee – and it’s someone who is in the show since it started 8 years ago.

In the scene where many of the characters are debating tactics for the fast-approaching final battle, Bran Stark revealed the tremendous revelation that he is the Night King’s target, and this is the question we have all been asking ourselves, why the Night King wants to kill everyone on the planet.

“[The Night King] wants an endless night. He wants to erase this world and I am its memory,” Bran told everyone in the court.

There are many fans’ theories floating out there and many are thinking about who will be the next character to die in this final season according to the odds on SBD Theon Greyjoy might be the next character to die in the show.

While Jon and Arya tell Bran he’ll be locked “safely” in the Winterfell crypts and I think crypts can be the place where the dead are already buried and it might be not as safe as everyone assumes but it’s just my theory and we will see what will happen in episode 3.

But after the conversation Bran refuses and says he wants to sit in the Godswood as bait for the Night King so when he comes for him they have an easy target and that might end the war prematurely but as well all know this plan will go sideways for sure.

Now, this is where Theon Greyjoy, who just finished his reunion with Sansa, comes forward and says he’ll protect Bran, and as the history goes I won’t be counting him as the grand protector for anyone.

Now, this is a great act of bravery for sure but we will see what will happen when actually The Night King and the undead army come for Bran, it works as a death knell for his character – Theon dying while protecting Bran will be his final redemption for taking Winterfell long long seasons ago. Those wishing for a romance with Sansa might not get their wish fulfilled because Theon is the most likely to die in episode three.

We could be wrong obviously, but it seems like the best way for his character to go out with some dignity intact after all of his grand cowardness.

Having spent the series dire for acceptance, his death would guarantee he was recognized as the hero of Winterfell.

We will see what will happen and who will die in the upcoming episodes but I am most excited for episode 3 because then we will get most of our answers, about the plan to lure Night King into the open and if the crypt can hold off the horde of the undead army. Who do you think who will die in episode 3?

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