Gaming Headphones Saved A Life From The Bullet

Gaming Headphones

In Los Angeles, gamer Jonathan Gonzalez was having a good time playing games when he felt a big shock to his head, as if someone “smacked” him, according to KCAL9 / CBS News Los Angeles.

Little did he know at that time, that the reason for this surprise was something deadly. Then the teenager saw a bullet hole in the bedroom window. The bullet had hit the headset’s headband, which had a metal strip inside, causing the stray bullet to ricochet into a nearby wall, rather than enter his head. That was a very close call indeed and he is very lucky to not be hurt or even worse.

Police did not find the shooter, and there’s no clear reason why the bullet hit the room. However, the current police hypothesis is that the round was not shot at close range, hence the stray bullet theory.

Jonathan was very fortunate, to say the least. If the bullet had gone just a little bit further in any direction, he could have been hit directly in a life-altering manner. Razer, the headset manufacturer, sent a substitute after discovering of this incredible incident.

Source: Ubergizmo


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