Get Ogre-Eager: You Can Now Book a Stay in Shrek’s Swamp on Airbnb!

Shrek's Swamp on Airbnb

If you’ve ever watched one of the four Shrek films and thought, “man, it would be cool to stay in that swamp,” now is your time to live out your ogre dreams.

Airbnb has discovered a secluded area in the heart of Scotland where you can experience the magic of Shrek’s swamp. The company is set to launch a unique listing that will be available next month, allowing guests to immerse themselves in a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

“Nestled deep within the forests of the Scottish Highlands and accented with the cozy comforts Shrek has accumulated over the years, the swamp offers a retreat like no other,” Airbnb announced with enthusiasm.

Described as a mud-laden, moss-covered, and murky-watered oasis, this place promises to be a snug spot to escape from the hustle and bustle of village life and fully embrace the pristine beauty of nature. It’s the kind of place that has an otherworldly charm, where you can truly disconnect from the modern world and connect with the serene surroundings.

Credit: Airbnb

The accommodations are not your typical Airbnb fare. While you’ll find essentials like towels, bed sheets, soap, and toilet paper, you won’t have access to modern amenities like Wi-Fi, a TV, a kitchen, washing machine, air conditioning, hair dryer, or shampoo. This rustic, back-to-basics experience is all about immersing yourself in the wilderness, just as Shrek would.

“Far, far away from, well, anything, Shrek’s Swamp has a secluded beauty you won’t find anywhere but Scotland,” Airbnb assured potential guests. The exact location is a well-kept secret, but the listing suggests it’s close to the Scottish town of Newtonmore, located within the Cairngorms National Park and approximately 112 miles north of Edinburgh.

Credit: Airbnb

Your meals will be arranged for you, and there will even be an on-site concierge to escort you to your ogre palace. The Airbnb listing promises an escape into the heart of nature, where you can revel in the relaxing ‘ambience of earwax candlelight’, enjoy a parfait, swap stories around the fire until late into the night, and awaken to a freshly made stack of waffles in the morning.

Notably, Airbnb plans to make a one-time donation to the HopScotch Children’s Charity, a wonderful organization that offers respite breaks to some of Scotland’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children through nurturing and dynamic holiday trips.

So, if you’ve ever yearned to experience the enchanting world of Shrek and Fiona, or if you simply desire a getaway that’s far from the ordinary, keep an eye out for Airbnb’s Shrek’s Swamp listing, and be prepared to embark on a unique adventure in the heart of Scotland’s wild beauty.

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