Get Rare Tour Inside $60,000,000 Yacht


Today we will give you a cool tour of a $60 billion Jade Superyacht Megayacht, complete with a floating garage.

The silver and white masterpiece is as sleek and sexy as you would expect, based on the name of it. Smooth wooden walls and seductive lighting provide stunning framework and appeal as you pull into the boat’s garage.

The top of the yacht is all smooth surfaces with a staircase that leads up to a cushioned lounge area, complete with an array of scattered pillows for the ultimate passenger comfort. And let’s face it…a yacht wouldn’t be complete without a built-in rooftop hot tub, in the event that you don’t find yourself naturally relaxing just by stepping on board.

On one of the lower levels, there are many tables and couches, where diners can get cozy, along with several bars that all appear to be filled with bottles of champagne.

There is also a long dining room table for several guests to make toasts and enjoy a five-course meal.

One of the other many rooms contains a white baby grand piano surrounded by distressed coffee tables and couches adding to that oceanside appeal. All rooms are decorated to perfection, with dark wood, sleek white furniture, and splashes of lime green to brighten up all the nooks and crannies. And you never have to worry about being deprived of an oceanfront view, as each bedroom contains sliding glass doors that overlook the water, framed by curtains in the event that you want more privacy.

Check out the incredible video tour below.

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