Getaway, Now You Can Rent Tiny Houses In the Woods


I am going to love the smell of unprocessed, raw wood in this house, Getaway is a venture-backed company developed in coordination with the Millennial Housing Lab and Harvard Innovation Lab, that brings the concept of tiny living to vacations by offering rentable tiny houses in the woods of New York and Boston that allow people to disconnect from the outside world in these tiny well equipped houses in the wild.

We started Getaway to be the first ever startup that helps you get out of the city. By doing our best to provide you with everything you need to break from routine, our goal is to help you hike your way back to balance. The trend of Living Tiny includes smaller houses, but it also means a simpler life, being friendlier to the environment, financial security, self-sufficiency, and lots of adventure! Here at Getaway, we are proud to be helping build the Tiny House Movement with our tiny cabins. We’re campers, designers, and do-ers. We’re adventurous souls who believe there’s unmeasurable wealth that comes with taking a break from your daily routine.

Getaway Getaway Getaway


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