The Most Glorious Californian Timelapse Ever!

Hal Bergman‘s video took a massive amount of time to shoot, edit and compile. Over four years, Bergman traveled across California to capture the stunning photography, only to spend even more time editing the shots together.

In the video description on his Vimeo page, Bergman said the average clip took anywhere from one to three hours to film and an additional three to 10 hours to edit. Although most of the 67 clips featured in the video were shot within the last year, Bergman had a total of 423 clips to choose from.

From desolate deserts, lush forests and stunning coastline, to the bustling cities that millions of people call home, California provides an endless variety of beauty.

Now here I add two more Timelapses from the game GTA 5 which holds the essence of California in it. Gamers and non gamers you will enjoy these videos. just have a look.

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