Goodie Bag From Microsoft To The Kid Who Got Arrested In Texas


A Surface Pro 3, a Microsoft Band, a 3D printer, an Office 365 subscription, and much much more is been given to Ahmed from Microsoft. The 14-year-old was arrested this past Monday at his Irving, Texas high school after bringing a homemade clock into class to show his teacher at MacArthur High School. He was then questioned by police and taken into custody for building what the police call a “hoax bomb.”

Mohamed was eventually released after police did not file charges. However, that was certainly not the end of it, as the story went viral across the Internet. Many supported Mohamed’s inventive curiosity — though some wondered how “inventive” the clock actually was — and President Obama even invited the teen to visit the White House. Mohamed was hailed as a hero, with other tech leaders like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Box CEO Aaron Levie inviting him to visit their Silicon Valley offices.

Microsoft is showing Mohamed some love and he is loving it!

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