Google Is Secretly Recording Your Voice! What You Being Saying Lately?

Google been recording your voice since June 2015, That’s right, as if the fact that everything you’ve ever searched on Google floating out in cyberspace isn’t shiver-inducing enough, the search engine giant is also got the good on anything you’ve said in earshot of your mobile device.

Before you scream bloody revolution and storm the streets inciting the next proletariat revolution, know that only part of this is true. Yes, Google is actually recording your voice, BUT only in the moments when you utter the phrase “Okay Google,” – It’s like summoning a magic eavesdropping genie!

Fortunately There Is A Way Around It


Make Sure You Delete It All In The Voice And Audio Page

Google Is Secretly Recording Your Voice

Of course, there’s no way to actually turn off the voice recording, lest you never use the Google Search function ever again. Images sourced from here.


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