The Google Smartwatch Is Real And It’s Coming

Google Smartwatch

Google’s long-rumored smartwatch is real, and still “officially” expected to begin shipping in mid to late March.

However, many members of the smartwatch team inside Google believe that date will either be pushed back to June, or the watch will end up shipping incomplete with a smaller feature set than originally intended. As it stands now, the timeline for the watch’s release is far from being set in stone.

The smartwatch prototypes are currently on lockdown in a Google building, under high security, and they’re not able to be taken out for fear that news will leak.

Like others, including The Wall St. Journal, we’ve been hearing rumors of the forthcoming Google smartwatch for many months now. The WSJ had also previously reported that the watch will support “Google Now” alerts, which is a type of default notification on newer Android smartphones which includes personalized information like weather, traffic, events, meeting alerts, flight times, dinner reservations, sports scores, stock updates, reminders and more.

Development for the watch is being led by a team inside Google that includes designers from the Android team. That makes sense because the watch is being viewed as an accessory – an additive – to the Android phone, rather than being a standalone wearable device that others (including, say, iPhone users) might buy. Read More



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