Gordon Ramsay Insults Famous Indian Snack on Twitter, Now He Is Under fire

Gordon Ramsay

Renowned master chef and television presenter Gordon Ramsay, who is famous for his sharp tongue, was left with a bad taste in the mouth when he tried to humor an Indian Twitter user.

The bloke, Rameez, tweeted to Ramsay asking him to ‘rate’ his food photo. Just like many users do to invite supposedly hilarious insults from the celebrity chef.

But what ensued, in this case, was unsavory.

Here how it’s started:

Medu Vada is a famous breakfast dish in southern and western India and it is eaten by most people of the region.

It consists of spiced lentil batter fried in doughnut-shaped dumplings and is served with yellow sambar (lentil curry) and white coconut chutney (made of coconut pulp ground with other ingredients such as tamarind and green chilies.) So now you know the recipe as well.

And then Ramsay’s sarcastic reply.

I think he made that sarcastic reply because of the utensil on which the dish was served.

But it rubbed Indians the wrong way and the reactions was overwhelming.

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