Gorgeous Austrian Town Encouraged a Travel Vlogger to Search And See More


Travel vlogger Johnny Harris waxed poetically about an iconic, ubiquitous image of Hallstatt, a village that sits under the Austrian Alps. Harris said that he’s eyed upon this image many times throughout his life, his search to see more of that small town in photos and his realization that he had to see it for himself.

Harris and his wife Iz Harris went to visit this picturesque, former salt-mining Austrian town. But after taking the same photo, he found that he wanted to search the lesser known parts of the area away from others.

What if you did things differently if you decided to break away from the tour buses and go in any direction from this town you’ll certainly find a quiet road near a mountain that no one’s ever heard of and then you’ll walk through a quiet forest that no one’s ever talked about on the Internet. …You’ll stay in a cabin far away from any top destinations list and it’ll be quiet. …There’s always a quiet road somewhere that needs exploring why not break away and go explore it?

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