Gorgeous Video Tribute to NASA’s Voyager Space Program

 Voyager Space Program

Santiago Menghini has created and released a stunning tribute to the Voyager Space Program that you’ve got to watch.

Tribute came with the following description:

Travel along with the Voyager spacecrafts as they traverse the solar system on their planetary expedition spanning over three decades.

This film showcases the images and sounds of the solar system through the real photographs and plasma frequencies received by the voyager crafts.

In 1977, NASA launched the Voyager 1 and 2 into space, and they are still exploring our solar system today. Voyager 2 has made its way past Uranus and Neptune and it is expected to enter interstellar space sometime this year, where it will provide the first direct measurements of the density and temperature of the interstellar plasma.

The Voyager spacecraft are expected to be able to operate science instruments through 2020, when limited power will require instruments to be deactivated one by one. Sometime around 2025, there will no longer be sufficient power to operate any science instruments.


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