Government Will Pay You To Live In This Cabin. But There’s One Catch.

Free this Holidays? Government-sponsored volunteer position in the historic town of Garnet, Montana. There’s free room and board, as well as a stipend for meals, and when you’re not giving a guided tour or working in the souvenir shop, you’re free to explore the majestic Montana wilderness.

There’s just one catch:

In addition to being a historical landmark, Garnet also happens to be the most notorious ghost town in the country.

Originally a 19th century mining town, Garnet was abandoned in the 1940s when the mines were exhausted, but not all the residents may have left. After sundown, the spirits of the town’s former residents reportedly come out to engage in what used to be their daily activities.

Locals have reported hearing eerie piano notes struck from inside the old saloon after sundown, often accompanied by the sound of distant voices. “They hide in the shadows,” says local resident Ellen Baumler.

There are also reports of transparent figures in period clothing walking between the buildings.

During a visit to the town, Bureau of Land Management historian Allan Mathews reportedly saw the figure of a woman standing in the window of the town’s old hotel. Good thing there’s no such thing as ghosts, right?

Source: Huffington Post

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