Guy Paves The Road With Clam Shells To Save Money And It Was A Bad Idea

Clam Shells

David Rose, a property owner in Tiverton, used tons of clams as a cheap alternative to gravel, for paving an access road to his property. Genius idea, right? Well, clearly not so much if the clams still had meat rotting away underneath. As the unwashed clams lay there on the road, the stench arising from it is making life miserable for the entire neighborhood.

David Rose began to unload trucks and trucks of unwashed clam shells on the access road to his property. As soon as the neighbors saw the unwashed shells with visible meat on them, they suggested Rose to wash the clams first. Who obviously declined because the shell road was laid and David went on with his life. After three days of continuous rain, the sun came out and then grew the maggots and flies, bringing the neighbors whiffs of a foul smell.

Neighbors have been saying things like, “Everything is sort of taken over by this stench of decay. The smell. The smell is atrocious.” “It’s like bodies decaying.”

The entire neighborhood came together to sign a petition to get the stinky clam shells removed, making appeals to police and local authorities. A cease and desist order was issued by the town administrator but no action has been taken yet, and the entire neighborhood remains drowned in the stench while David Rose declines to speak to reporters about it.

People have installed signs in the area saying things like “Honk if it Stinks” and “Stop Unwashed Clam Shells” to pressurize the authorities into taking a step. Imagine having to spend a day in the fish market. Only it if worse for the people of Tiverton as it is not the smell of the seafood but that of life decaying slowly.

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