Hammerhead Sharks Are Amazing Predators Because of Their Unusual Biology

Hammerhead Sharks

Out of all the shark species that we have in the oceans of the world, hammerhead sharks, which occurred about 20 million years ago, have the best sight of the water and their prey because of their deep perception.

And the depth perception of hammerheads is so powerful because of their heads and their eye placement. The shape of the head is called a cephalofoil and it makes hammerheads one of the best predators.

The cephalofoil not only helps hammerheads hunt prey but also helps them quickly change directions in the water.

Another benefit hammerheads have because of the shape of their heads and the arrangement of their eyes is that they have a bigger number of electrosensory pores, which helps them to sense electric fields that point where live animals are, such as stingrays concealed in the sand on the ocean floor.

The video comes to us from Stephanie Sammann at Real Science.

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