What Happens If You Push Engine On/Off Button While Driving

Engine On/Off Button

Did you ever wonder what happens if you – accidentally or intentionally – press the on/off button in your car while you drive on a highway? Would it shut off the car there and then?

Watch the AutoVlog video:

The car did shut off when it’s speed was below 5 mph, but a quick press of the On/Off button didn’t work when the speeds were higher.

Usually, this is the case with every car with the push button mechanism, as it assumes that you have made a mistake and continues to hum along. Some cars, like the Volt, do ask for confirmation, and pressing the start button again will turn off the ignition, no matter what the speed. Other cars such as the Prius and the YouTuber’s Ford will shut down if you press down the start button for more than three seconds. This feature might come in handy if you have a problem with your accelerator or the brakes and want to turn off the car in an emergency.


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