Here’s how Apple will replace the home button on the iPhone 8

iPhone 8

It’s no secret Apple is killing the home button on the bezel-less iPhone 8. But a new report tells us its replacement is something much better.

Bloomberg says it’s seen images of the new devices, which will replace the physical home button with a thin bar at the bottom of the screen and gesture controls.

Instead of a virtual home button, like some expected, you will be able to drag up the thin bar to the middle of the screen to open iOS 11’s multitasking panel, or further up to return to your home screen.

It also appears Apple will implement a dock similar to the one on iPads running iOS 11, although it’s not clear from the report how you will access it.

And without a home button, how do we access Siri? ‘Hey Siri’ isn’t always reliable. Perhaps Apple will simply include a new button for Siri on the dock.

I’m also not sure about sliding a finger up the screen to access Home; it sounds like it could get messy real fast. Suppose I’m playing a game that requires me to flick upwards to control a character or objects?

We may have to relearn old iPhone habits, but a beautiful bezel-less screen might be worth it. We’ll have to wait until September 12 to see how it works.


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