Here’s Why You Should Get Ice at McDonald’s from Now On

Why You Should Get Ice at McDonald’s

Did you know that in addition to grabbing a quick bite, you can also snag a bag of ice at your local Mickey D’s? McDonald’s has been a fast-food staple since 1940, and while you might be familiar with their menu, there are still some employee secrets to uncover—no, I’m not talking about those $9 McDonald’s birthday cakes.

Believe it or not, you can purchase bags of ice at McDonald’s! Need ice for a big gathering? Skip the hassle of busy grocery stores and gas stations. McDonald’s offers cubed ice (sorry, crushed ice fans) for a steal—between $0.99 and $1.50 per bag. Not every McDonald’s will have this fantastic deal, so keep that in mind. You can place your order either at the register inside the restaurant or even through the drive-thru, from the comfort of your car. Just be prepared to ask for a manager if the employee is unsure of the process. And when you’re back home, here’s a trick to keep the ice from clumping together.

My family has been grabbing ice from McDonald’s for quite some time now. Whether we were on our way to softball tournaments or just needed some ice for the cooler, a quick stop at Mickey D’s always did the trick—convenient and cost-effective.

But can you save money by getting ice at McDonald’s? Well, that depends on your local McDonald’s. Some grocery and convenience stores might sell at a lower price, so it’s worth checking in advance. For reference, bags of ice at 7/11 start around $2.50, while Walmart charges around $4 for a 20-pound bag. In my area, local grocery stores sell 7-pound bags for approximately $1.50, making it comparable to McDonald’s prices. The key is to shop around to get the best deal, depending on how much ice you need. Happy chilling!

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