Hilarious Mashup Unites THE LORD OF THE RINGS with Leslie Nielsen’s THE NAKED GUN and POLICE SQUAD


Leslie Nielson makes a triumphant return in an all-new mashup video that takes his iconic and goofy Frank Drebin character from The Naked Gun and Police Squad! on a hilarious adventure through The Lord of the Rings universe. If you’ve ever wondered how Drebin would fare in Middle Earth, this video is an absolute treat.

The creator, Your_Kryptonite7, has expertly woven together scenes that seamlessly blend Drebin’s slapstick antics with the epic backdrop of The Lord of the Rings. It’s a delightful spectacle to witness Drebin navigating through the familiar landscapes, interacting with classic characters from the Tolkien masterpiece.

What sets this mashup apart is not just the comedic genius of Leslie Nielson’s character but also the impeccable editing that places Drebin in absurd yet fitting situations within the fantasy realm. The juxtaposition of Drebin’s absurdity against the serious backdrop of Middle Earth creates a unique and entertaining viewing experience.

For those who have enjoyed similar mashup videos in the past, such as those featuring Star Wars and Harry Potter, this one promises to be a laugh-out-loud adventure. So buckle up for a journey where the unexpected meets the fantastical, and let the laughter ensue as Frank Drebin leaves his mark on Middle Earth!

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