House Built Into a Cliffside in Greece

House Built Into a Cliffside

It was made by Mold Architects in 2020, NCaved is located on a secluded rocky cove on Serifos Island, Greece.

It was built into a breathtaking cliffside slope, the home is 340 square meters (3,660 sq ft) of living space is on several floors/levels.

House Built Into a Cliffside

The need to create a protected shelter, at a location of disarming view, but openly exposed to strong north winds, led us to the decision to drill the slope, instead of arranging a set of spaces in line at ground level. We applied a rectangular grid to the slope to produce a three-dimensional “chessboard” of solids and voids that accommodate and, at the same time, isolate the residence quarters. [source]

Check out the video below:

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