How AI Can Enhance Business Processes


A lot of people still think that Artificial Intelligence is something reserved for Science Fiction. But AI is being employed more commonly than you might think; social media algorithms are powered by AI, and many large corporate enterprises have the resources to employ AI to enhance and aid business processes. But AI is becoming less expensive and more accessible to small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) all the time.

TechQuarters are a London IT services provider whose customers are predominantly in the SMB market, they spoke to us about some of the ways in which AI can be utilized by SMBs in different areas of the business.


Social Analytics

Social media is one of the most valuable sources of data available to an SMB. There are a lot of questions that an SMB needs to ask regarding the market they are in; who is your target audience? What is their opinion of you? Who are your competitors? How does your target audience feel about them? The great thing is that a lot of this type of information can be found across the various social media channels out there.

Of course, the data can be very widely spread, and combing through all the available social media platforms can be tiresome. However, with artificial intelligence, it becomes infinitely quicker and easier to search for relevant data. Once you know what keywords and search terms to look into (which is also becoming easier thanks to services like Google Analytics), you can quickly gather useful information.


Digital Marketing

AI-powered analytics is great for finding your market, and once you have achieved this, you can use it to power a highly targeted digital marketing campaign. As TechQuarters provides managed IT support services primarily to London-based small to medium-sized businesses and considering the competition present in the London market, they rely on excellent digital marketing. To achieve this, it is necessary to implement AI-powered practices.

Unlike larger large enterprises, SMBs cannot simply throw money into a mass marketing campaign that is far-reaching enough to guarantee contact with their target audience. Instead, SMBs should invest their money carefully, which means having a very clear knowledge of where their customers are. The short answer is that they are on social media platforms – there are so many popular platforms that, statistically, your customers will be using at least one of them.

All of these social media platforms rely on advertising as an income stream. SMBs can use the AI powers of social media platforms to reach their audiences through paid advertising.


Customer Service

TechQuarters, as IT support providers, know very well the importance of customer service. Customers need to be able to quickly and easily seek out information on the product or service they are paying for. One AI-powered solution that is effective and affordable for SMBs is chatbots. These are virtual robots that can access information in seconds, and also use AI-powered natural language processing to be able to extract the information from customers’ questions, no matter how they are phrased. The result is a bot that can answer customer questions better than ever.

While it may be useful to have some actual customer service personnel employed, but hiring a chatbot is an affordable way for an SMB to expand their customer service department, and also free up the time and resources of their personnel.


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