How Technology Helps us in Our Daily Lives


The promise of technology has always been that it is going to improve our lives. In some ways, technology has changed our world for the worse – nuclear weapons, cybercrime, internet trolls and social media narcissism being just some examples. However, technology has also had a positive impact on our day to day lives. Here are just some of the ways that technology has made daily tasks easier for us.

Paying your bills

In the past, when you were looking to pay your bills, you had to send a check off in the mail. Imagine that. You had to rely on the postal system to make sure your bills were paid. Now, direct debits mean that money comes out of your bank account at the same time each month without you having to do anything. Now you no longer have to remember to pay your bills every single month.


79% of Americans now shop online which is up from just 22% in 2000. Before services like Amazon and eBay, if you wanted to buy a new TV or some new speakers, you had to drive into town, walk into the shop, and physically browse the shelves. With the internet, all you have to is go to your favorite shopping site, log in (unless it has remembered your details for you) and search through thousands of products, all without leaving your house.

Playing the lottery

Americans spend $70 billion every single year on lottery tickets. Americans buy tickets week in, week out and now technology can even help us with this seemingly simple task. You can even use the internet to analyze lottery numbers using a number and lottery analyzer. It works by giving you the results of previous draws and showing the numbers that haven’t come up in a while.

Work flexibility

The introduction of cloud technology means that many of us who work in offices are now freer to break out of the normal nine to five routine. Cloud technology means that you can stay home to look after the baby and keep working on that presentation you are collaborating with a colleague to complete. It is so convenient: you can use a messaging or conference calling app to stay up to date with your team members even if you’re waiting at home for the repairman to fix your heating system.

Keeping in touch with friends

Before the invention of telephones and the internet, most people kept in touch with friends by sending letters. That meant you would be waiting a few days at least for a reply from the person you went on a date with last night. Imagine the stress! Now, you can simply exchange numbers with people and immediately be able to send instant text messages or call them up.


It’s clear that technology has had both good and bad effects on our daily lives. Who knows if the good outweighs the bad, but you might as well make use of the good while it’s available.

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