The online gaming world is another place where there is a lot of geo-restriction with versions of certain games available in only specific regions. The frustration of being unable to access a game because of one’s location can be avoided with a VPN.

VPNs are important tools for bypassing geo-restrictions, and this feature makes them particularly valuable to gamers. This guide highlights the process of using a VPN for accessing geo-restricted games. Firstly, we will go through the reasons for the geo-restrictions and some games and the overall benefits gamers stand to gain from the use of a VPN.


Why certain games are geo-restricted

Generally, games are restricted for social, economic and political reasons. The economic reason is based on protecting the local gaming industry. Because consumers always seek better prices irrespective of locations, certain local gaming industries may not do so well if games they are available at cheaper prices in other locations. That is why games that can be played in a specific region are those bought in the region.

VPN users can buy such geo-restricted games when they log into the marketplace from a VPN server in that region and can also play the game from the VPN server.

Some games are also geo-restricted because of political and social reasons in relation to the regulations of the country. Grand Theft Auto, for example, is restricted in China. These restricted are an offset of regulations by different countries which may be based on culture or politics.


Other benefits of VPNs for a gamer

Apart from accessing geo-restricted websites, there are several other benefits of VPNs for gamers, and these benefits will be highlighted in this section.

  • Improved security

Online gaming exposes one to hackers, and the incidence of security breaches resulting from online gaming platforms has been on the increase. VPNs encrypt the data and information from users’ online activity protecting them from security breaches as a result of their online gaming activities.

DDoS attacks are some of the most prevalent cyber attacks that gamers are prone to; a VPN protects from such attacks.

  • Enhanced speed

It has been proven that VPNs also improve the speed of gamers since the throttling of the connection by the ISP is avoided when one uses a VPN.

  • Uninterrupted connection

A VPN also ensures uninterrupted connection irrespective of a gamer’s location. Thus, gamers that have to travel to a new country that is not the home of their favorite games will not have to bother about the loss of connection and interrupted gaming experience while on their trips.

There are VPN providers on the market today: some free while others are paid VPNs. There are a few effective free VPNs, although paid VPNs are typically better options. Before getting a VPN, it is important to consider why one needs the VPN comparing the features of the VPN with the needs recognized.

The first step in using a VPN to access geo-restricted games is to decide on the most suitable VPN. The features to consider while deciding on the most suitable VPN include security, privacy, location, speed, number of servers, pricing and the number of simultaneous connections the VPN allows. The number of simultaneous connections allowed by a VPN will determine its suitability for multiple users or for use in homes with active gamers.

The security and privacy of a VPN are major features which gamers should consider because these features determine how well suited the VPN will be to their online gaming activities. The other features that should influence the VPN decision should be based on other needs and preferences of the user.

Another important feature that determines the general suitability of a VPN for gamers is the number of servers offered by the VPN. The VPNs with more servers spread across a variety of countries are typically more suitable for gamers who mainly use their VPNs to access geo-restricted games.

After deciding on the best VPN, the next step is to pay for the VPN. Since VPNs encourage anonymity, it is advisable to go with a VPN has very private payment methods. If possible, it’s best to pay for VPNs with bitcoin. After payment, downloading and installing the VPN is the next step. Some VPNs are compatible with both computers and mobile devices and can be installed on one’s preferred device. The process of downloading and installing VPNs is quite straightforward just as with most available software.

With the installed VPN, one can then go about their activities. Before initiating any activity, be sure to confirm that the appropriate server has been selected especially for persons that switch from one country to another.

We covered the basics and more you need to know about using a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions on online gaming platforms. Do enjoy an improved gaming experience.




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