How to Find the Right Sound Files for Your Video Project?


The use of Video marketing is growing year upon year. The public wants to consume content, for the purposes of entertainment or marketing. But getting that video right is not as easy as you think.

One way to increase the level of professionalism in your production is to give serious consideration to the audio. This includes both music and sound effects, though often after filming your budget, and time can below. To help, we give you some options on where you can find the best sound files for your video project.

Decide on the Genre

Before you even think about looking for sound and music for your video, you must think about the genre of your production and choose wisely when adding music to it. The wrong music can have a devastating impact, but done well can tell us information not visible on the screen.

Even if you are not making a dramatic piece but are concentrating on a documentary or how-to video, think very carefully about what you add. If it obstructs or distracts from the video, people will turn off and move to the next video.

Use Sound Effects Wisely

Sound effects are an odd one because they need to either sound so natural that viewers will not even notice it is a sound effect or so silly they will realize it is for comedy effect. A middle ground can leave people confused and can create a huge distraction from the content.

When using sound effects, fight the urge to overuse them when you edit sound files. This can make the video sound comedic or unprofessional.

Licensing Sound Files

Videos will come with a variety of licenses, each stating what you can and can not do with the sound or music you have chosen. Some may require you to pay for usage, while some may come for free. These will be explained on the relevant website, usually when you go to download or purchase.

Be aware that Youtube will take down any video containing audio that does not have the relevant license for it, or delete all audio from the video. This can be very annoying after all the hard work you have put into your content. Licensing can also vary in different countries and parts of the world, so make sure the license covers the territory you are aiming for.

You can of course take audio from other videos and productions, though you should check to license before you do this. There are multiple programs and websites that will assist in telling you how to convert video to audio tracks.

Youtube Audio

Youtube, despite being tough on licensing, does offer some recompense in its free audio library. It can be found in your creator studio when you log into youtube and is very easy to search with its filters.

The worst thing about the Youtube library is that a lot of other people are using it. It will not give your piece anything unique and you may find the same sounds or music on multiple other videos.

Free Music Archive

The amount of free sound files at the Free Music Archive (FMA) is vast. It is easily searchable and has a huge range of styles and genres available for you to use. It has a lot of free music, but also adds paid tracks which increase in price depending on the license.

The FMA is great because it does exactly what it says and gives free music easily and without fuss. Many sites that claim to do this often have a lengthy signup process or ask for credit card details. That is not true of the free music archive.


Soundcloud is primarily used for bands and artists to upload their music and stream it for free. However, a lot of people are more than willing to let you use their music in exchange for some publicity. Most of the music on here is covered by a creative commons license, so as long as you name the artist or creator you are legally covered.

The user interface on Soundcloud can be a little hard to use and some people do block the option to let you download their music as wav sound files. However, it is a great place to get unique music and tracks while giving publicity to other creators.


If you are looking for something a little more unique, then Videvo is a great option. Their pro plan offers over 15,000 tracks that are unlicensed and at professional quality. The plan is extremely reasonable at only $25 per month.

In addition to this, you will have access to a lot of high-quality stock footage and video. This makes it a great all-round website if you are in charge of all the content creation and editing on your video, or if you work in the industry professionally.

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic has a large catalog of royalty-free music available for use. it is easy to use and search through a wide array of genres and styles and has some unique choices.

The beauty of Epidemic is the way they handle licenses. It is all explained clearly, bundled in, and allows your music to be used across platforms. Their subscriptions are also extremely reasonable at only $12 per month.


Jamendo is one of the higher-priced subscription services on the list coming in at $49 per month. However, it justifies that with a range of options not available on other platforms.

Music is searchable not just by genre, but the application you wish to use it for. They even have pre-programmed, royalty-free radio stations for stores that need background music.

Adding the Audio

Now you have the sound files and music, start to add it to your video, and see the difference high-quality audio choices can make. Using our guide you should have found the right choices, and though it may have taken a long time to find the exact match it will be worth it.

If you are still looking for a way to polish your video and make it more professional, then visit our blog on the Tech Foundry. We have lots of help and advice about how to improve your online presence and brand. Browse our articles and make a change today!

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