How to Prevent Your Car Windscreen From Steaming Up

How to Prevent Your Car Windscreen From Steaming Up

This is the most annoying and dangerous situation you can face in the car. You can try the heater or aircon but it won’t go away, you can turn on wipers or clean your windscreen from inside but this one persistently annoying problem will not go away, but today we have a small solution for this huge problem. Check it out below and share with your friends so everyone can be safe from this natural occurrence.

You will need:

  • A single cotton sock
  • Cat litter (you can buy this in a pet store)
  • The cardboard ring from some sticky tape

What you need to do:

1. Stretch the opening of the sock over the ring.

2. Pour the cat litter into it.

3. Remove the ring, and tie up the end of the sock in a tight knot.

4. Place the sock in any open space of your car.

The cat litter will absorb the moisture in the air, stopping your car windows from steaming up. Instead, they’ll stay clean and entirely transparent.

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