How to Turn Your Android Device Into a Retro Gaming Machine

Thanks to Moore’s Law extends to present upon us and fills many of your favorite and hit retro games and gaming consoles into a phone that’s not much bigger than a Walkman. Most of the game consoles from the golden past like Sega Genesis, NES, and Playstation Can be played from anywhere in the world all because of the creative and smart mobile emulators, but to start the whole emulation process on Android phones is easier said than actually done, First we need to sort out the emulators then we will talk about some of the best games to play on them and if you are here to look some easy way to have fun with some of the best games out there then you can check out this quick infographic below and pick one to kill the downtime with great gaming, thanks to Betway Blog for the awesome infographic and you can use their Betway app for some quality fun. Check out the graphic below:


The infographic was created by the content team at Betway.

All emulators and games can be played on most of the new Android phones which packs a lot of punch no matter which brand of phone you are using. Now, It’s time to jump into some of the popular games to enjoy the gaming greats of yore on Android phones and a range of devices.


Pick Your Emulator:

Game Boy Advance

MyBoy! Game Boy Advance Emulator

Now all the awesome times we spent playing the pixelated glory can be relived all thanks to the boy! Emulator of Game Boy Advance. You can easily find it on the Google Play store which is also available in Lite and paid versions, the My Boy! the emulator can be worked with nearly every game released in the GBA list of games, this time you don’t have to worry about the region restrictions or controller settings.

Some ROMs can be more problematic running more smoothly than others, however, getting the title you want to work on your chosen platform can be learned with some trial and error, it will take some time but the fun is endless.

Drastic DS

Drastic DS

DS games are simply the best for Android gadgets because of the awesome touchscreen compatibility of many of its most engaging games. The Drastic DS emulator will use this by giving DS gamers all the same options they loved on their Nintendo DS console, and they even improved things up with post-processing graphics that can hugely update the textures and models of the game that made DS console games the awesome classics they are.

You can find the Drastic DS on the Google Play store and it is available as a free release, or for $5.99 flat with all bits and bobs included and no limit on the time you can spend on games, which is awesome because you will use a lot of your day playing the DS games.

Downloading Games

Downloading Games

In order to avoid copyright claims that can and maybe will threaten their status on the Google Play store, some of the emulators will come with a built-in system of downloading games from the client of the emulator itself. To create a library you have to check out, hubs like CoolRoms, DopeRoms, or RomHustler.

Visit their site from your desktop and load the ROMs into a shared Google Drive that can be reached by both platforms at a later time, or you can just visit the website from the gadget itself and take your emulator to the phones browser download folder to look for the games you want to have fun with. Both approaches will produce the same result, and how you like to have your games is your own choice.

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