Hulk and Hawkeye Will Have More Screen Time in AVENGERS 2

Hulk and Hawkeye

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has been answering a lot of questions about Joss Whedon‘s Avengers: Age of Ultron. One of the things I noticed is that a lot of questions not answered in The Winter Soldier will be answered in Age of Ultron. One of those questions is what was going on with Hawkeye?

In an interview with JoBlo, he says not only will Hawkeye’s whereabouts will be revealed, but he will also have a bigger role this time around, as will the Hulk.

“Part of the fun of Age of Ultron was saying, you’ve seen another Iron Man adventure before, you see another Thor adventure and another Cap adventure, but we haven’t seen the Green Goliath again. So that was important in the characters you haven’t seen – Hulk being one of them and Hawkeye being one of them – Ultron will make up for it. They have very big parts in Age of Ultron.”

I’m sure a lot of fans don’t really care that much for Hawkeye, but the Hulk having more screen time is definitely a plus and something I know the fans want to see. It’s exciting that we’re going to get to see more Hulk action!

In a separate interview with, Feige was asked if Agent Coulson would return for Age of Ultron, and he replied,

“That is a good question that I probably shouldn’t answer for any number of reasons.”



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