Hulu’s Upcoming Body Horror Movie APPENDAGE Trailer is Here


Hulu has generated considerable buzz by unveiling a spine-chilling trailer for its forthcoming body horror thriller, “Appendage.” As part of Hulu’s eagerly awaited Huluween 2023 celebration, the film promises to deliver a disturbing and grotesque cinematic experience that will undoubtedly leave viewers both thrilled and horrified.

The movie revolves around the enigmatic character of Hannah, portrayed brilliantly by Hadley Robinson, a young and seemingly composed fashion designer. However, beneath the facade of confidence, Hannah harbors deep-seated self-doubt that gnaws at her from within. As the narrative unfolds, these suppressed emotions manifest physically, triggering a nightmarish and relentless growth on her body – the dreaded “Appendage.”

With each passing moment, Hannah’s health deteriorates, and the Appendage morphs into a malevolent force, feeding off her anxieties. It thrives on her insecurities, be it her perceived lack of artistic talent at work, the strain in her relationship with her boyfriend and best friend, or her parents’ inability to offer her the love and support she craves. As Hannah finds herself teetering on the edge of her sanity, she stumbles upon a shocking revelation: there are others out there who share her horrifying affliction.

What makes “Appendage” even more captivating is that it marks the directorial debut of Anna Zlokovic, a rising talent in the film industry. The movie is an expansion of her acclaimed 2021 short film of the same name, which garnered critical acclaim for its unsettling narrative and impeccable storytelling.

The cast of “Appendage” boasts a stellar lineup, with Hadley Robinson leading the way and delivering a captivating performance. Joining her are the talented Emily Hampshire, Kausar Mohammed, and Brandon Mychal Smith, adding depth and intensity to the ensemble.

Fans of chilling and thought-provoking horror can circle their calendars for October 2nd, 2023, as this spine-tingling masterpiece is set to be unleashed by 20th Digital Studio. As the release date draws near, anticipation and excitement for “Appendage” are reaching fever pitch, promising a Halloween season filled with bone-chilling thrills and unsettling discoveries.

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