Humpback Whale in New York Harbor

Humpback Whale in New York Harbor

A humpback whale was seen in the New York Harbor near the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The photo was taken by Bjoern Kils who works on a New York Media Boat, which gives city tours from the water essentially for news crews and magazine photographers.

“It’s a bit of a silver lining with Covid that there’s not much boat traffic out here, and the whale has a very good chance of getting out into the ocean,” Kils told NBC News.

Kils measures the humpback was about 40 ft long and told BBC News that he normally sees other marine life, but hasn’t seen a whale since 2016.

“At this time of year, the harbor typically becomes full of menhaden – a fish that humpback whales feed on. This is what drew the whale so close to the city,” Mr. Kils said. [source]

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