Hundreds of Rare Civil War-Era Coins Unearthed by Kentucky Farmer

Rare Civil War-Era Coins

A Kentucky farmer’s life took a remarkable turn when, in the month of June, he stumbled upon an astonishing treasure trove of rare gold and silver coins from the Civil War era, thereby striking gold in the most literal sense.

The sheer value of this newfound treasure is estimated to be worth millions of dollars, representing an incredible windfall for the fortunate farmer. These coins, discovered on his property, have not only managed to survive the test of time but also possess an otherworldly brilliance and freshness rarely seen in coins of their kind. Andy Salzberg, the executive vice president of the Certified Collectibles Group, expressed his awe at the coins’ remarkable preservation and their breathtaking luster.

According to the Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC), a total of 700 gold coins were unearthed on the farm. Amongst this precious hoard were a collection of 1983 Double Eagles and hundreds of gold dollar coins, dating from 1850 to 1862. However, the most extraordinary discoveries within the collection were the ultra-rare 1863-P $20 gold Liberty coins, with a total of 18 of these extraordinary pieces being found.


These particular coins hold immense rarity due to their unique attributes. Apart from their composition of 90% gold, what sets them apart is the absence of the inscription “In God We Trust,” a feature found on most coins. As confirmed by LiveScience, these exceptional coins have the potential to command six-figure price tags, further attesting to their desirability and scarcity.

The treasure trove has gained the moniker “Great Kentucky Hoard,” and every single coin has been meticulously certified by NGC, a renowned third-party grading service for coins, tokens, and medals. Jeff Garrett, a distinguished expert in U.S. coinage and a rare coin dealer, has been entrusted by NGC with the crucial task of verifying the authenticity of the Great Kentucky Hoard. For Garrett, this opportunity stands out as one of the highlights of his illustrious career, as he finds himself in awe of the historical significance and sheer magnitude of this extraordinary discovery. The collection of over 700 gold dollars represents a veritable time capsule of Civil War-era coinage, including coins from the elusive Dahlonega Mint. The presence of nearly an entire roll of superbly preserved examples is a numismatic event that is hard to fathom.

Regrettably, details regarding the exact location where the coins were unearthed, as well as the identity of the farmer, have been kept confidential. However, what is certain is that the responsibility of selling these remarkable coins to collectors has been entrusted to GovMint, one of the largest rare coin retailers in the United States, as confirmed by NGC. The opportunity to be the exclusive provider for the public sale of the coins from the Great Kentucky Hoard is one that fills the team at GovMint with deep honor and tremendous excitement. Bill Gale, founder and president of GovMint, expressed his gratitude at being chosen for this extraordinary task, as it allows them to share these historic coins with collectors and enthusiasts, ensuring their preservation and appreciation for generations to come.

The discovery of the Great Kentucky Hoard stands as a testament to the enduring allure of buried treasure and the timeless fascination it evokes. As these rare coins find their way into the hands of passionate collectors, their historical and monetary value will undoubtedly be celebrated for years to come, serving as a tangible connection to a pivotal era in American history.

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